Nothing matches Catapult’s technology or commitment to football.

With a third of the NFL and over 20 major college programs already using Catapult, we annually fly our football users to a two-day Performance Workshop to educate them on monitoring athletes for risk, readiness and return to play.

You know exactly how hard your guys work in the weight room, but how do you know hard they worked on the field? How do you measure performance?

Develop normative data for each position on your team – a valuable tool to objectively measure a new recruit.

Performance can be measured. The information is in your hands.


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Buffalo Bills player monitoring

Video found at Buffalo Bills website ( showing NFL players using Catapult player monitoring technology to help prevent injury and capture measurable data on each player.

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Inside Baylor University football

Baylor's Athletic Performance team is using new technology that measures athletes' performance during practice. John Morris caught up with Kaz Kazadi to talk about how it helps.

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catapult in college football

Bo Pelini (Nebraska), Nick Saban (Alabama) and Jimbo Fisher (FSU) discuss how Catapult has impacted the health and safety of their collegiate athletes.