Athletes are predisposed to injury when they become fatigued during practice and games. 

Fatigue naturally reduces the skills necessary to compete at an elite level.

With athletes wearing a small Catapult monitor, you'll never need to guess when athlete performance is deteriorating.

Catapult measures biomechanical fatigue (which may be a result of physiological or psychological fatigue) with micro-level force output discrimination.

Integrated heart rate monitoring with Catapult's scientifically-validated PlayerLoad metric provides the optimum in athlete management.

Fatigue may be mechanical, physiological or neurological in nature.  Catapult enables micro-level recognition of motion and sub-optimal pattern discrimination by coaches. 

Your periodization models become data driven. Your subjective analysis becomes objective. The fine line between optimum player training and risk of injury is known.


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Know who is overworked and economise practice by removing the guesswork with scientific performance management. 

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Compare athletes, sessions, weeks and seasons and stop guessing. Coaching is an art, but back up what you do with science. 

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Tailor athlete ‘fingerprints’ with benchmark data and use positional comparisons to analyse asymmetries with transparent information. 

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