Kratik Malhotra

Performance Analyst


Working as a Performance Analyst for the esteemed IMG Academy, Kratik Malhotra used Catapult with a variety of sports to unify the array of sports technologies at his disposal.

“Initially I was in awe of what Catapult could measure. Heart rate, distance, velocity and acceleration could have been measured by a bunch of other technologies, but Catapult could give the volume of the entire session through its parameter player load, give a fair count of exactly how much exertion players undergo through speed exertion and heart rate exertion.

“Also, the change of direction helping us to see if a player has a minor injury unknown to him, or a pain that he is try to shrug off which may – in long term – have harmful effects. It was all wonderful information and one that really helped us better various programs according to our needs”.

Kratik was recruited by IMG Academy as a Performance Analyst intern, using Catapult to analyze data and discovering “what the data means, communicating it to the coaches in the way they understand best, molding the training sessions in order to benefit the players and the program, aiding the coaches with in-game analysis such as which player is the best particular player on a particular day at a particular position, and injury prevention”.

With the magnitude of IMG Academy’s facilities and the success of its athletes, Kratik worked with highly elite athletes daily.

“We used Catapult for the NFL Combine athletes, the NBA pre-draft athletes, professional tennis players and the IMG Lacrosse team.

Collecting their data, analyzing it, and seeing the improvement in performance was certainly wonderful”.

Kratik believes Catapult’s real-time analysis is a feature that you can’t get elsewhere.

“Selecting few of the several parameters available, and building a movement session around it in order to keep the players as fresh and fit as possible has been very helpful.

“Also, the strategic analysis tool is a great feature as well, and it lets you map the game video with the acceleration, velocity, odometer, etc. graphs, which gives an analyst a terrific platform to work on and present his to the coach”.

Have those tools revealed anything you couldn’t previously detect?

“I always wanted to know when a player gets tired and have a rough estimation of his stamina, and using some of the tools that Catapult consists of and my research, this has finally become feasible.

“I am presently studying the parameter CVE closely and working on it being in use for the same purpose”.

The endless abilities of IMA were also popular options for IMG.

“Seeing acceleration, deceleration, and increase and decrease in accelerations while changing a particular direction has really helped me over the past year and has helped me come out with great results.

“Acceleration used with a couple more parameters can help players perform to their maximum not only in tournaments, but also in mastering drills such as a 40-yard dash”.

How has Catapult helped Kratik’s position as a Performance Analyst?

“After using Catapult, I have really evolved as an analyst. The number of parameters, and the detail involved with each, that are given by Catapult is absolutely astonishing. It has enabled me to research to the fullest and expand the horizon of my knowledge, taking my performance analysis skills to the next level, working with multiple parameters and attributes, and elite athletes across multiple sports.

“Apart from all the parameters available, the strategic analysis tool is a terrific source to monitor’s a player’s performance, and it has made it extremely easy for an analyst like me to present the data with the coaches.

“I once had to show a coach that a particular player was being pushed above his limits and using this feature with heart rate, acceleration, velocity and odometer graphs right next to the video of the actual play, I was able to do it so easily, and I have followed this every single time.

“Catapult is a technology which is one of its own and makes an analyst’s job far easier than what it once was. It is a complete product”.

Kratik has moved on to Florida State University football.