Catapult is pleased to announce Paul Boanas as Head of Europe, responsible for driving sales and business development in the key UK and European markets.
Boanas is one of the key pioneers in athlete analysis, delivering innovative ways of assessing performance during his 13-year tenure with Prozone Sports as Head of Analysis Services, UK Account Manager and, most recently, Senior Account Manager.
Boanas is excited to continue his illustrious career at Catapult, where he will use his intimate football relationships and knowledge to provide expert insights in to athlete risk, readiness and return to play.
“I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the exciting, growing team at Catapult,” Boanas said.
“Obviously working at Prozone and helping to pioneer an innovative performance solution, I’ve always been well aware of the great work Catapult has been doing in world sport. Most of our Prozone clients were using Catapult, so I became pretty familiar with the technology and its various applications and uses, and can’t wait to help use this scientific tool to prolong athlete careers around Europe.”
Boanas built his reputation in the field as Senior Performance Analyst for Middlesbrough FC when they won the 2004 Carling and achieved the club’s highest ever top flight finish.
During his time at Prozone, he was influential in sustaining revenue growth in the UK for the last four years, led the player recruitment strategy to supplement existing practices with an analytical objective approach, presented to and forged relationships with key stakeholders (ie. UEFA, LMA, PFA, ECB, EIS), managed partnerships with some of the most exciting technological companies looking to engage with sports, and was known for his intimate customer support around professional football.
“I owe a lot to my time at Prozone, and will always be thankful for the opportunities that were presented during my time there. I feel that the experience and knowledge gained from working in elite football analysis will have me well-prepared for the revolution Catapult is creating in world sport with it’s scientfically-validated products. I can’t wait to get started.”
Boanas has a BSc Sports and Exercise Science from Leeds Metropolitan University.


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