Catapult GPS: Tracking the Huskers

Husker Extra

Nebraska strength and conditioning coach James Dobson confused players and reporters alike when he quickly interrupted a couple of post-practice interviews Monday.

“Catapult first! Catapult first!” Dobson instructed.

He then came over, reached underneath the players' shoulder pads and pulled out 3-by-1-inch black device from between their shoulder blades.

It’s a Catapult GPS system, something Nebraska is trying for the first time this season.

“They’ve got like a thousand pieces of data on you,” said offensive lineman Mike Moudy, who’d forgotten he was even wearing the GPS until Dobson came over to retrieve it. “It’s kind of cool. It measures like your heart rate and … I don’t know, honestly. They explained it to us, but it took about 20 minutes to explain.”

Roughly 55 players on the 105-man roster – the two-deep on offense and defense, and some special teams players – were wearing the devices.

“They can track these guys, built up some data and learn a lot as far as making sure we’re tailoring practice the right way, not only for performance, but for injury prevention and that type of thing,” Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said.