Catapult Sports Is a Pioneer in the Sports Technology Industry


Over the past six months, Melbourne-based Catapult Sports has become a top leader in sports technology. Athletes are reaching new levels of performance thanks to Catapult’s wearable sports tracking equipment. These devices are leading to a reduction in sports injuries while helping players become bigger, faster, and stronger.

In an official press release, Catapult’s President of North America, Brian Kopp, said, “Where I see sports analytics going, and you see it reflected in what the media is talking about and what teams are most interested in, is the biometric analysis of athletes. This can only really be measured with intelligent wearable technology, and Catapult has always been in the best position to lead and carry this field.”

Application of these devices can be made in nearly any sport. Catapult’s client list already includes 12 NFL teams, nine NBA teams, two NHL teams, 19 D-1 NCAA programs, plus several English futbol and Olympic teams. Hoping to continue their growth, their goal is to raise $12 million through their IPO this week on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company is off to a strong start, having already collected $10 million from pre-IPO investors.

Mark Cuban, well-known sports technology influencer and NBA team owner, recently became a Catapult investor and advisor.

“Wearable analytics will be a critical advantage in pro sports and eventually as it shrinks in size, in business,” Cuban told AFR Weekend.

“It won’t revolutionize [the sports industry], but it will make teams smarter and keep players on the court more. It also may save a career or even a life on the way.”

The recent acquisition of competitor GPSports is attracting new investors and strengthening Catapult’s position as a sports tech industry leader. The next step for growth appears to be a focus on the American and European markets.

“The gravitational center of the company is rapidly moving towards America,” says Catapult’s Chairman, Adir Shiffman.

“Mark (Cuban) will act in a sort of advisory role and will help open doors for us to speak to new clients and investors as well.”

Sales and marketing efforts, combined with powerful industry connections in these new markets, will likely lead to even stronger growth for the company. Before long, Catapult Sports could be a billion dollar business.