Catapult has begun implementing its elite athlete tracking technology into one of the most influential universities in Scandinavia, the University of Copenhagen – Department of Team Sport and Health.

The specialised department brings together multidisciplinary expertise in the area of team sports and health under one roof, with its experts in research, communication and teaching. Developing effective and motivational training from a health perspective, the Department of Team Sport and Health aims to reach citizens who can’t find activities suited to their physical needs.

Located at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, the university has achieved major prevention and treatment effects since its launch in October 2012.

Catapult is now working with the University of Copenhagen to utilise data from the market-leading OptimEye device to provide evidence which bridges the gap between physical activity and positive health effects. Morten Bredsgaard Randers Thomsen, Assistant Professor at the university, believes that Catapult’s technology will help provide objective measures to his world-class program.

“In recent years, we have conducted a number of studies showing the positive health effects of recreational football,” Thomsen said. “However, the quantification of the actual load that participants have been exposed to has been limited to heart rate monitors. With the OptimEye GPS units we will now be able get an objective measure of the external load and a quantification of accelerations, impacts and player load will add a new depth to our analysis.

“At the new Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health, researchers are evaluating differences in how various team sports for untrained and recreational players are organized, regarding pitch size, rules, number of players etc.

“The performance metrics provided by the OptimEye GPS units provide invaluable information of how changes in game set-up will change the external load for these groups.”

Thomsen also sees great value in the indoor applications of the current GPS technology, while looking forward to the local positioning system which will be available in the middle of the year.

“In the future, we have planned extensive analysis of the health effects of a number of team sports for various groups – including children, adolescents, untrained men and women, as well as the elderly.

“In Denmark, due to the long winter period several team sports are played indoor. Therefore, the possibilities of indoor measures provided by the OptimEye units have together with the large number of research studies demonstrating the validity and reliability of the units been major causes in our choice of OptimEye.”


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