Jacksonville Jaguars adopt the latest player performance innovation

BOSTON,MA and CHICAGO,IL–19 May 2015–XOS Digital, Inc., the leading provider of digital coaching technology for sports organizations, and Catapult, pioneers of wearable technology for elite sports, have partnered with the Jacksonville Jaguars to implement the latest in coaching technology innovation, XOS Thunder Radar.  

XOS Thunder Radar integrates a variety of advanced analytical player performance data with game and practice video. Coaches are now able to visualize player’s paths instantaneously, allowing for immediate feedback and correction. The intuitive interface also allows positional information to be repurposed into play drawings; automating the tedious process of drawing plays. 

Tony Khan, Senior VP for Football Technology & Analytics at the Jacksonville Jaguars, believes this partnership will take football performance analysis to a new level.

“The Jaguars are committed to the very highest standard of technology, which is why we’ve had a trusted partnership with XOS Digital for more than 15 years and rely heavily on our Catapult system to optimize player performance,”Khan said.

 “The integration of these two platforms gives coaches and players the quickest access to the most relevant player performance data combined with video, and we’re able to unlock new and powerful insights that will help maximize team performance. The entirety of this offering made investing in Thunder Radar an easy decision.”

Jacksonville are clients of Catapult, outfitting their entire team with the most advanced wearable technology in sport for the past three seasons. The athlete tracking devices are worn in every practice to help take the guesswork out of athlete performance management, providing scientific insights in to risk of injury, readiness for competition, and return to play following injury.

XOS has partnered with Catapult to synchronize their player performance data with XOS Thunder HD, the coaching video and analytics platform used by the Jaguars and more than 400 other professional and collegiate teams.

XOS Digital President and CEO, Matt Bairos, believes a partnership with Catapult is the logical next step for the new platform.

“Athlete tracking systems are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in all sports,”Bairos said.“XOS Thunder Radar allows organizations to maximize their investment in these systems by allowing coaches to interpret and visualize biometric tracking data alongside video.”

Brian Kopp, President of North America for Catapult, sees the enhanced potential of the performance information provided by Catapult with this new partnership.

“It was mutually beneficial to work with XOS to create this new workflow for the Jaguars,”Kopp said. “Introducing our data into a platform used directly by coaches will make our system even more valuable. We look forward to bringing this integrated solution to mutual users, and teams that are looking for the next level in performance analysis.”

About XOS Digital, Incorporated:

Founded in 1999, XOS Digital provides more than 400 sports organizations at all levels a competitive advantage by unlocking insight and value from their digital media assets. XOS offers software, analytics and services that enable our partners to preserve and monetize their digital media assets and our coaches to better scout, recruit, teach and win. The ever-expanding portfolio of products and services including the XOS Thunder™HD Coaching Platform, XOS ThunderCloud Suite, XOS Digital Licensing Portal™and XOS Vault™digital asset management system reflect the XOS Digital commitment to continuing innovation. For more information, visit www.xosdigital.com.

About Catapult:

Catapult empowers elite coaches globally with scientifically-validated metrics for the advancement of athlete performance. The company’s wearable technology and analytical software provides objective information behind athlete risk, readiness and return to play.

Catapult was born out of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), pioneering GPS tracking for team sports and now works with over 500 elite teams and institutes around the world.

Catapult is based in Melbourne, Chicago and Leeds. For more information, please visit catapultsports.com.