After The Buzzer

In the past few years we have learned one thing about teams that are heavily lead by stars. If that player gets injured, the team instantly drops as a whole and as a result fall short of their goals. Let’s think about a couple examples from the past few years that can backup this realization strongly. Last year in the playoffs, Kobe tore is Achilles which cost the Lakers their postseason against the Warriors and will probably be the last time they make the playoffs for at least a few years. Another example is when Derrick Rose went down with his ACL tear, which ruined Chicago’s Finals goal that year and left them struggling to stay competitive throughout last season. What if Bryant never got hurt? Where would the Lakers be? What if Rose never went down with an ACL injury? Would the Heat still be back-to-back Champions? These “what ifs” will be forever left untouched and there was nothing these teams could have done to stop it mainly because you cannot predict these types of injuries.

In 2013 however, things may just be a little bit different. In this quickly advancing technological world that we live in, a new device has come out that could allow teams to possibly prevent these injuries among others from ever happening. This new device is called OptimEye. This device, which is worn by players during workouts, practice, and even games, measures basically every type of movement that a player makes at pinpoint accuracy. From things like velocity, distance, and change in direction to heart rate and energy exertion, this thing literally does it all. The main use for this device is to track a player’s training habits and discover areas where a player may be pushing themselves too far. Once the area is recognized, teams can then work on changing that players habits to where he is far less likely to get injured from working something too hard. To sum it all up, this new technology that the NBA will be testing this season could prevent injuries that make or break a team’s season hopes.

This season there will be eight teams using this device to track their players throughout the year. The San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks, and Houston Rockets are the four teams that have been revealed to the public while the other four have chosen to remain anonymous. When it comes to aging teams like the Spurs or to players who have been struggling with injury like Dwight Howard, this could really make a positive impact on how their team does during the year. This even help players like Brandon Roy and Greg Oden stay healthy for a longer period of time. If the OptimEye lives up to its hype in terms of injury prevention, it could change the world of sports without question.

If the OptimEye proves to be what it seems to be, players’ careers could be completely different. Instead of being limited from injury or from an aging and worn out body, players could stay healthy longer and have longer careers as well. We could end up seeing more players like Tim Duncan who seem to play like they are young even if they are 37 years of age.In the end, I expect to hear great things about this new device after the 2013 season and expect that all NBA teams will give it a try in the near future. The OptimEye should be something every sports team should be using to watch how their players work themselves. It could help prevent a season of disappointment and more importantly possibly prevent an individual from hurting themselves and putting their career on the line.


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