The Monitoring System of Choice for Elite Sport

With 104 scientific articles, our technology is trusted and proven to inform performance decisions.

  • Hardware

    Proven Technologies

    Our proven systems unlock the science that drives results and propels performance. We give you the information you need to assess athlete readiness, reduce injury risk, and quantify return to play.

    • UltimateClearSky T6
      ClearSky combines pinpoint positional data, derived from locally installed anchors, with high quality inertial sensor information to create individual movement profiles which support tactical and physical performance analysis.
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    • EliteOptimEye S5
      The OptimEye S5 is the most widely used satellite-based athlete monitoring technology in elite sport. Combining inertial sensors with access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites, the OptimEye S5 provides all the physical data needed to answer your performance questions.
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    • ProfessionalOptimEye X4
      The OptimEye X4 is the professional and practical GPS-based solution. Designed for coaches and sports scientists interested in data accuracy, reliability, and measuring the volume and intensity of athlete workload
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  • Software


    Our cloud-based analytics platform possesses unrivalled flexibility, allowing practitioners to report and present data in the style that best suits the needs of their organisation.
  • Insights

    Sport-Specific Analytics

    Ask and answer the right questions about athlete performance. Our data science team are using machine learning to develop new metrics to address sport-specific problems.