ClearSky is a local positioning system that combines pinpoint player movement traces with next-level micro-movement analysis to enable an end-to-end solution for measuring performance and tactical output.

Not needing satellite reception like GPS, ClearSky uses a pre-installed stadium infrastructure to essentially bring the satellites inside to greatly enhance positional accuracy.

The system overcomes the limitations of GPS and enables athlete tracking in every playing environment and is designed for indoor sports, or outdoor sports played in large stadiums or in GPS-poor environments.

ClearSky is literally the most accurate wearable technology in sport.



The highest precision wearable technology in sport with 10cm positional accuracy. Have total faith in all speed- and distance-based metrics.


Utilising pinpoint positional accuracy, look at your performance metrics with greater context in relation to tactical formations and team structures.


On its own, ClearSky T6 captures every micro-movement with its inertial sensors. Combined with the stadium infrastructure, ClearSky is the full end-to-end solution.