Welcome to an all-encompassing analytics platform that is personal and powerful, allowing you to spend your time investigating trends and patterns. Not building reports.

The simple interface hides the powerful analytics underneath.

You now have your own unique dashboard that you can access anywhere. All your coaches do, because you all want to see different data.

What if, with just a few clicks, you could have immediate, individual reports post-session on every athlete?

Here you go. Make it your own.


five things you can only do in Openfield

One-click reporting

Want ease of use? Plug in a charge case of 28 units. 

Data is uploaded and synced with the cloud, activities auto-created, and automatic reports are circulated by email to anyone you want. 

All with a single mouse click. 

Better still, capture all your relevant data wirelessly and upload isn’t even required. 

Simply and easily create any graph on OpenField’s completely customisable and shareable dashboards. 

Interested in how PlayerLoad tracks against high speed running and heart rate? Graph this in seconds. Save it to a dashboard. Share it with other coaches or athletes. 

OpenField allows you to start simple, then go your own way.


customize absolutely everything

Other software graphically presents data. But you can’t create new graphs and you’re restricted to pre-designed templates- which may not be what you need. 

Without the ability to customise your graphs, you are restricted to tabular data - visually difficult to decipher and make decisions from. 

OpenField allows customised graph design and dashboard presentation for both local and cloud-based review. 

OpenField comes pre-populated with commonly-used athlete analysis graphs, but your Catapult representative will create any graph, table or chart you want during installation. 

Getting deeper into data-driven performance? Want to create your own formula that combines multiple parameters and then track it over time? No problem. 

Experienced users in athlete monitoring find a specific metric unique to your program. Don’t see what everyone is seeing. Do what no one is doing.


create multiple simultaneous periods

Is your practice split in to several groups, each doing different activities independently of each other? Of course. How else do you prepare each player according to their position, role or injury status. 

But with other software you can only create a couple of independent sets of periods. 

OpenField enables you to identify each individual session, create independent periods for your athletes, and analyse each independently. Or collectively 

Have independent periods for your rehab group, defensive line, offense, special teams and quarterbacks. Capture it all without making the whole squad conform to one whistle.


See anything in the context you want

Analytics, and especially athlete monitoring data, is all about context. About comparison. 

So high intensity running was 600 yards today for your midfielder. Is this appropriate? Does this increase risk of injury? Is this workout optimally preparing him for matches? 

With OpenField, you’ll see instantly how this compares to last week’s session, the average of all sessions last month, the average of the 12 months or the best player on your squad. 

It’s longitudinal analysis without all the heartache. 

Trending data as a player returns to play following injury is critical. Can he move with the same load expression and speeds – changing direction - as he did prior to injury? 

Using Catapult in pre-season assessments provide your staff with baselines for comparison. OpenField captures the moment, and instantly displays the information for immediate decision making.


store data how you want

Keep your athlete data on your laptop, on the organisation’s servers, or store it securely in the cloud to share it with whoever you want, when you want. It’s your choice. 

The cloud solution is stored on the same servers as the major banks – meaning security. 

The sooner you deploy OpenField, the sooner you’ll be creating a central athlete data repository. A completely scalable analytics database that can keep years of data for hundreds of players for instant recall. 

There are a lot of stakeholders requiring athlete data. Create custom dashboards for your Manager, Head of Fitness and conditioning, Rehab fitness coach, Sport Science consultant - you name it. 

You can even have your reports shared automatically by email every time you create them. Welcome to the new standard in athlete analytics.




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