Catapult is the most comprehensive solution for the world game: a GNSS-enabled monitor which doubles your satellites to double your accuracy, a wireless local positioning system to capture movement inside and out, and IMA for micro-movement metrics.

Cameras can’t see the physical and physiological load of a player. And other GPS systems don’t utilise GNSS and don’t have our body of validation. We’ve been independently validated over 60 times – in every side-by-side comparison, we win.

You might think you’ve found your edge. But bad data is worse than no data – do you really want to collect invalidated information?


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Newcastle United FC

Jamie Harley, Sports Scientist at Newcastle United FC, discusses how Catapult is "just part of the kit" for English football teams.

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OptimEye G5

The world's first goalkeeper monitor. Quantify goalkeeper micro-movements that cannot be captured using traditional measures.

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Completely customizable, you now have your own unique dashboard that you can access anywhere and make it your own.