elite solution


OptimEye S5 is the most used athlete monitoring device in elite sport, with over 900 teams worldwide using it to enhance performance and mitigate injury risk.

The fifth-generation technology is the world’s first GNSS device for team sport, featuring twice the satellite constellations (US-based GPS and Russian-based GLONASS) for enhanced data accuracy and decreased satellite drop out.

OptimEye S5 also features a powerful microprocessor that computes 1000 data points per second in real time for sport- and position-specific information. This allows you to go as deep as you like with your performance analysis.

The device has simple usability with three smart LEDs, a military-tested design, and is the thinnest athlete monitoring device available.



OptimEye has both a GPS and GLONASS antenna, allowing the device to access twice the satellites to increase accuracy and decrease drop outs.


The device features Catapult’s proprietary Inertial Movement Analysis (IMA) algorithm, which scientifically measures athlete micro-movements.


OptimEye S5’s on-board computer is powerful and intelligent, providing the ability to calculate large amounts of data in intelligent ways.




Entry-level solution


OptimEye X4 is Catapult’s entry-level device that surpasses any competing team GPS technology available, falling short only of OptimEye S5.

With its own 10Hz GPS sampling rate and all of the scientifically-validated features of Catapult’s legacy technology, OptimEye X4 is designed for simple usability with the option to delve deep into the world of performance analysis through the OpenField analytics platform.

OptimEye X4 is designed for the coach that cares about data accuracy and reliability but is less interested in measuring explosive movements and tactical analysis. With access to OpenField through an easy-to-use hardware solution, OptimEye X4 is the perfect solution for your introduction to athlete monitoring.



OptimEye X4 has the largest GPS antenna in elite sport, which greatly increases the accuracy and reliability of the speed- and distance-based metrics.


The device is your entry point onto the OpenField analytics platform - a completely customisable performance analysis software.


With over 100 peer-reviewed scientific research journals validating the underlying technology of the OptimEye X4, it is the safe choice for athlete monitoring.


plug and play

load management solution

GPSports Evo is a plug-and-play athlete monitoring solution for the coach that wants accurate and reliable performance data without the hassle of investigative post-session analysis.

The easy-to-use and scientifically-validated technology allows quick reporting on athlete volume and intensity using stock graphs and tables to compare athletes over micro and macro cycles.

The GPSports Evo is the smallest GPS tracking device in team sport, which means faster buy-in internally from players and coaches, and a less obtrusive solution on the field. With extensive testing in the most physically-demanding sports in the world, the GPSports Evo is designed to take a beating.



The GPSports Evo is the smallest GPS tracking device in team sport, which means faster buy-in internally, and a less obtrusive solution on the field.


With the fastest download speed from the device to the software, you will spend more time analysing your information and less time waiting for your data to sync.


GPSports is designed for the coach that wants to make informed decisions, but doesn’t have the time for a deep-dive into complex data.