Amazon Australia supports Catapult’s consumer offering PLAYR through innovative Launchpad platform

5th August 2019

Amazon, the international e-commerce retailer, today announced that it would be supporting Catapult’s PLAYR device via its new Amazon Launchpad platform, built to help startups and entrepreneurs. Joining forces with Amazon Australia brings an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate PLAYR’s success, helping thousands more footballers benefit from Catapult technology and improve their performance.

Designed to feature exciting and innovative companies, Amazon Launchpad puts a spotlight on emerging brands, helping companies develop and access new customers. As one of the most customer-centric companies in the world, it has chosen its Australian Launchpad to support PLAYR, tying in with Catapult’s Australian heritage.

Created by Catapult in 2018, PLAYR is at the very forefront of innovation in football technology, bringing elite wearables to the consumer. Designed to track stats and performance using GPS, PLAYR also developed a world first ‘SmartCoach’ feature – providing individually tailored sports science advice from Premier League and International coaches.

Shaun Holthouse, Founder of Catapult, says: “As a cutting edge product, we are excited to partner with Amazon Launchpad. It provides a brilliant platform for players to discover our industry-leading technology, and we look forward to empowering more aspiring footballers to improve their game with PLAYR.”

“Australian inventors and entrepreneurs are responsible for some of the most innovative consumer products in the world, from the electric drill right through to Vegemite. We’re excited to work with the next-generation of local entrepreneurs on bringing their innovative products to millions of customers,” said Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager for Amazon Australia.

Find out more about PLAYR on Amazon Australia.