Catapult and Pro Quick Draw partner on powerful playbook solution for American football coaches

16th February 2021

Catapult is pleased to announce a partnership with Pro Quick Draw, a software plug-in that allows American football coaches to organize, format, and export playbooks, scout cards, and presentations. The partnership will pair Catapult Thunder (formerly XOS Digital) and Pro Quick Draw to introduce the most dynamic and efficient playbook and workflow solution in football.

Founded by Andy Bischoff, a nine-year NFL veteran coach and the current Tight Ends Coach with the Houston Texans, Pro Quick Draw allows you to create your own digital library of drawings for your playbook, accessible in Microsoft Visio or PowerPoint. Choose from over 25 pre-built templates, 250+ pre-built drawings of formations, motions, shifts, run and pass plays on offense and with fronts, stunts, coverage, and pressure on defense. Special teams, scout cards, and scouting reports add to your options. 

With Pro Quick Draw, you can improve your workflow by expediting repetitive daily tasks eliminating copying and pasting, and embedding video directly into presentations for your team.  All of these integrations are completely customizable to allow a unique and personalized final product.

With the click of a button, you can export your entire play library into Catapult Thunder, where it can be viewed alongside thousands of hours of practice and game footage.

Catapult has been investing significantly in football, with three major releases in the last 12 months that provided customers with greater workplace flexibility amidst the COVID-19 working environment: Cloud-based full-resolution video, world-first athlete tracking that allows teams to seamlessly move between indoors and outdoors within one practice and FBS college football video exchange services that changed how content is shared amongst teams. 

Pro Quick Draw’s Owner, Britt Bischoff, is excited about partnering with Catapult, which is well entrenched in professional, college, and high school football with its performance & health, and coaching & tactics solutions.

“Our team at Pro Quick Draw is proud to partner with Catapult, who we view as one of the most credible names servicing the highest levels of American football. Catapult and Pro Quick Draw share a common vision for how together we can significantly increase productivity and expedite workflow. We view this as a unique opportunity to bring the innovation of Pro Quick Draw to the power and functionality of Catapult Thunder allowing us together to create a far greater overall experience for coaches and players all over America.”