Catapult and TeamBuildr partner to combine athlete management efficiency

12th December 2019

Catapult, a leader in sports performance technology, and TeamBuildr, the most widely-used strength and conditioning software for high school, college, and professional coaches, today announced a partnership to integrate functionality within each brand’s respective athlete management systems.

The two sports technology companies have developed an integration that allows the pulling of TeamBuildr weight room data into Catapult AMS and the alignment of team rosters and calendars to reduce duplicate administration work and increase efficiency in managing athlete performance and workload monitoring. 

Product Director, Anita Sirotic, is excited to stretch the capabilities of Catapult AMS through third party integrations.

“The AMS market is widely viewed within the sports industry as being disparate, with a lot of platforms seeking customisation for specific teams, which results in constantly-evolving value propositions and featuresets,” Sirotic said.

“Being able to work with respected and forward-thinking third parties like TeamBuildr, we’re able to push Catapult AMS to new levels of efficiency and value for the 100+ teams that have adopted the product in the last 12 months.”

TeamBuildr is a customer-first startup that has effectively replaced Microsoft Excel for strength and conditioning coaches around the world at various levels. The product provides weight room live feeds and leaderboard modules, exercise program templates, weight room data view, evaluation testing, and goal setting.

TeamBuildr Co-Founder, James Peters, looks forward to collaborating with Catapult through its AMS platform and building a lasting partnership that can service strength and conditioning coaches at all levels.

“Our vision has always been to dominate the strength and conditioning software space while partnering with the best in other respective technologies. Doing so with Catapult opens the door to streamline performance operations for the world’s most competitive teams as well as the many levels of competition below.”

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