Catapult introduces another sport-specific software analytics package with the release of Movement Profile for football

8th September 2020

Catapult is pleased to release its latest customer-facing solution, a Movement Profile analytics package for football, which introduces an unprecedented level of performance analysis in the form of classifying every movement a football player makes on the pitch and quantifying explosive movements.

An Industry first

The Movement Profile represents the industry’s first move into understanding short-sharp movements, adding a new layer of insight into the physical demands of football. The analytics package was created by Catapult’s in-house data science team in collaboration with industry experts and customers. It records and uses data to quantify and report the sharp, dynamic aspects of soccer-specific movements such as accelerations, decelerations, changes of direction, and jumps.

Unprecedented sport-specific insights

Catapult continues to uncover new and deeper insights into athletic performance from its software technology with sport-specific analytics. This new solution introduces a new set of metrics by continually capturing and classifying an athlete’s movement into categories which allows coaches to optimise performance and mitigate the risk of soft tissue injuries that come from explosive movements when an athlete is fatigued.

History of wearable athlete tracking

The Catapult team pioneered team-based wearable athlete tracking in the early 2000s, introducing the ability to quantify the total workload an athlete has done so that performance practitioners could dynamically plan training sessions and pre-seasons. With every performance and health innovation since, Catapult’s software has delved deeper into an athlete’s performance through measuring intensity by sport and position, and an array of insights that allow coaches to know exactly how far to physically push their athletes.

Continual innovation: More to come

Catapult’s Chief Technology Officer, Rick Wingfield, views the new solution as the continuation of sport-, position-, and even movement-specific metrics to help elite athletes and teams obtain a competitive advantage.

“We are committed to innovating on behalf of our customers and helping them build a greater understanding of their player performance,” Wingfield said. “This latest addition of analytics builds out our football suite and is the latest in a line of sport-specific metrics that we have been developing.”

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