Catapult launches PLAYR: The world’s first football SmartCoach system

6th June 2018

Today Catapult has announced the launch of PLAYR, the innovative new wearable designed to enable amateur footballers to prepare, perform and recover like the world’s best.

As the game’s premier provider of athlete monitoring technology, Catapult has worked with the leading names in football – including Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City – for more than 12 years. We have channeled this expertise into the creation of PLAYR to bring wearable devices, insights and analytics to athletes participating at all levels of the sport.

Consisting of a SmartPod, SmartVest and the SmartCoach app, PLAYR gives users the ability to track key performance metrics, access advice from real Premier League coaches, and benchmark themselves against peers and pros. Combining performance data and sports science insights, PLAYR is set to transform the way aspiring footballers understand and improve their performance.

The hero of PLAYR is SmartCoach, an extension of the sports science knowledge we have brought to the professional game for the past twelve years. Catapult is rooted in science, and this heritage has become a prominent part of PLAYR, with our SmartCoach system presenting sports science advice individually tailored and contextualised to each session.


“PLAYR is a system that promises to revolutionise how people play the game,” said Benoît Simeray, Consumer CEO of Catapult. “For the first time, amateurs and aspiring players will be able to train like the pros and ultimately bring a higher level of performance onto the pitch. No other tracking device comes as close to elite technology as PLAYR, and it’s available for all.”

From speed and distance measurements, to heat maps, performance comparisons and nutritional advice, PLAYR is the only consumer device of its kind and is set to help users take their performance to the next level.

“Technology and sports science is key to the modern game, whether that be an elite professional athlete chasing a Premier League title, or an amateur just starting their career,” said Matt Reeves, Head of Fitness and Conditioning at Leicester City FC. “Catapult has been integral to our recent successes, allowing us to revolutionise our training regime leading to top quality performances on the pitch. The opportunity for aspiring players to now use technology such as PLAYR is fantastic.”

PLAYR is available for purchase in the UK and Ireland from June 6th.

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