Catapult launches user community

2nd April 2020

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Catapult Community, an online platform that builds connections between our users and improves knowledge sharing across the sports performance industry.

An Interactive Space

The Catapult Community is an interactive space where users can access content, collaborate with peers, ask questions, participate in discussion, and have their say on the future of our products.

Alongside trusted support and unique content, the community offers a range of other benefits including industry job listings and access to professional development resources.

Networking & Knowledge Sharing

As well as making it easier to access useful content around products and best practice, the Catapult Community also presents users with a diverse range of opportunities.

By connecting peers across different sports and geographies, the platform will foster thought-provoking discussion and help to expand the professional networks of users. Our hope is that these discussions will give users the chance to learn from each others’ experiences and generate opportunities to share time, knowledge, and resources.

Priority Access

The Catapult Community is open to everyone, but there are a number of advantages to members. Providing access to unique professional development initiatives, the Catapult Community will give users priority access to our ongoing programme of workshops, webinars, and education courses.

There will also be the opportunity for members to join private forums and access additional content relevant to their role and organisation.

Interested in accessing the Catapult Community? Click here to explore.