Catapult launches Vector Apple Watch app

We’re excited to launch the Vector Apple Watch app, a product designed to transform the way performance data is used in the live environment.

When it comes to athlete monitoring, data is at its most powerful when used to support decisions in real-time. A brand new companion for Catapult Vector, the Vector smartwatch app uses Bluetooth technology to instantly deliver GPS and inertial data to your wrist.

Maximising the impact of performance monitoring requires dynamic technologies. Available on watchOS for Apple Watch, the Vector smartwatch app is able to be used independently without needing to be within range of a mobile device. Offering maximum flexibility, the app can inform your coaching whenever and wherever you need it.

Improving the accessibility of live data, the Vector smartwatch app is ideal for use during small group or rehab sessions. Supporting you with objective information in real-time, the app is designed to help you improve engagement with data and optimise the performance of your athletes.

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