How Catapult Vector draws on 20 years of performance innovation

Catapult has been at the cutting edge of athlete monitoring throughout its history.

Setting a new standard for athlete tracking technology, Catapult Vector is the latest in a long line of innovations that stretch back more than two decades.

Bringing those many years of engineering and sports science expertise together in a single device, Vector is designed to be the benchmark for data reliability, analytical depth, and workflow efficiency.

Beginning with the creation of a rowing-specific device by for the Australian Olympic team by our eventual founders in 2000, our constant collaboration with leading practitioners and research institutions has resulted in a number of industry firsts over the years.


From being the first company to allow users to customise their own parameters in 2014, to the launch of goalkeeper metrics and other sport-specific analytics in 2016, we have consistently maintained our position at the forefront of sports science and technology.

The launch of Vector is a major milestone in Catapult’s history. However, as sports technology continues its rapid advance, our product development team is already working on the next wave of innovations as we continue to deliver leading solutions to our clients around the world.

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