Catapult Vector enhances the live experience with re-engineered accessibility, accuracy & live insights

As wearable technology in elite sport continues its rapid advancement, the use of live data is becoming an increasingly important part of load management and injury risk reduction processes.

Catapult has re-engineered the live experience with its new Vector technology, greatly enhancing accessibility, accuracy and live insights with a range of innovative features:


  • Decouple the receiver and laptop by using a wireless receiver to allow greater mobility during a session.
  • Negate the need for a laptop during live tracking.
  • Live data snapshots on smartphone and smartwatch via the mobile application.


  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity for interference resistance.
  • Calculate periods on the device and send results in real-time.
  • Recover velocity and heart rate trace during live activity.

Live Insights

  • Calculate core parameters on the device and provide them live, including advanced inertial measurements.
  • Live alerts and performance thresholds.
  • Improved live data visualisation in OpenField Console and OF+.

Catapult Vector’s new wireless receiver is designed to improve the quality and accessibility of player data for team-based live tracking. The receiver provides a 250m+ range for data capture using UWB communications, providing immunity to third-party WiFi interference and an integrated network to link OpenField within 50m.

The receiver has a six-hour battery life with USB charge, is white to reduce heat in direct sunlight, water resistant, and works individually or collectively among other receivers.

In addition to introducing a new wireless receiver, Vector also has a live snapshots feature to help better manage athlete rehabilitation. This allows you to view rehab group session data live on your smartphone and smartwatch without the need for a receiver or laptop. This improve accessibility and mobility during rehab sessions, allowing more users to engage with live data.

To find out more about Catapult Vector and how it can take your live performance analysis to the next level, please contact us.