Catapult Vector Live Snapshots: Eliminating the need for a receiver during sessions

Catapult Vector

The release of Vector represents Catapult’s seventh-generation elite wearable technology and sets a new benchmark for load management, providing unprecedented insights into injury risk mitigation, competition readiness, and return from injury.

Return from injury (which includes return-to-play, training and competition) has always been one of Catapult’s most valuable attributes and use cases. The ability to quantify movement throughout the course of weeks, months and seasons, provides a history of data that can be used as a benchmark when bringing an athlete back from injury. This helps staff and the athlete themselves to know they are hitting top speeds, accelerating at the same pace, and showing no running asymmetries.

To better manage the process of returning an athlete from injury, Vector’s new ‘live snapshots’ feature allows you to view rehab group session data live on your smartphone and smartwatch, without the need for a receiver or laptop. This provides enhanced accessibility and mobility during a rehab session and allows more users to actively engage with live data.

The primary use case for live snapshots is with small groups of athletes (15 or fewer) at short range (around 50m), or when less frequent updates are appropriate. This can have major benefits for rehabilitation sessions, small training groups, and key player tracking information.

The core functions of ‘live snapshots’ include:

  1. Displaying athlete data – core parameters and device status
  2. Managing periods – start, stop, edit, sync to cloud
  3. Sending commands to the device – device on/off, switching modes, setting alarms

Improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your athlete monitoring processes, the live snapshots feature is another example of how Vector has been designed to save practitioners time while enhancing the power and accessibility of performance data.

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