Theoretical Basis and Practical Application of Athlete Tracking Technologies: Aaron Coutts

31st January 2018

Catapult hosted a performance symposium at the ECSS conference in Essen last year focusing on the application of athlete tracking data in elite sports.

One of the presentations was delivered by Aaron Coutts, a professor in sport and exercise science at the University of Technology Sydney. A specialist in developing evidence-based methods for improving the performance and health of athletes, Aaron provides scientific guidance to a number of elite sports organisations.

Entitled Theoretical Basis and Practical Application of Athlete Tracking Technologies, Aaron’s presentation looked at the evidence that underpins approaches to training periodisation and the way it is translated into effective applications.

The topics Aaron spoke about included:

Training overload and adaptation (01:15)

Modelling training responses (02:24)

Factors affecting performance in team sports (03:06)

The influence of training load (04:05)

The application of training theory and periodisation strategies in elite sport (07:00)

Controlling training load in practice (08:14)

Take home messages (09:56)

You can find more elite practitioner presentations from our events over on the Catapult YouTube channel.