Feedback Strategies in Elite Football: Tom Page, West Bromwich Albion

Tom Page

The recent Catapult workshop at Villa Park featured a presentation by Tom Page, Sports Scientist at West Bromwich Albion, on feedback strategies in elite football.

Exploring the nature of feedback in football and discussing the findings from a recent research project, Tom's presentation gave an fascinating insight into the delivery of performance feedback in football and how strategies can be improved at the highest levels of the game.

Some of the key topics in Tom's presentation included:

– Introduction (00:00)

– Exploring Feedback (03:33)

– Designing & Implementing a Survey (10:48)

– Preliminary Findings (15:37)

– Discussion/Practical Applications (20:39)

– Next Steps (25:53)

– Reflections (27:20)

Hosted regularly to cater for different sports and geographies, Catapult's workshops are an informal opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking among sports science practitioners.

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