How the Gold Coast Titans use injury data to make better decisions

Athlete Monitoring System

The primary aim of the AMS by Catapult platform is to develop a product that makes teams more successful. The National Rugby League’s Gold Coast Titans are a long-term user of the system, and are benefitting from the wealth of information (including injury and illness data) they have built up over three and a half years.

With the introduction of medical reporting to the AMS by Catapult platform, the Titans are benefitting from another layer of analysis that’s having a positive impact on coaching and performance decisions.

Adam Russell, Head Physiotherapist at the Titans, is a strong advocate of the system, saying, “I have used many different systems in my time working in elite sport, and AMS by Catapult is by far the best.

“The ease of entering data helps to ensure it is accurate, which then enables us to have a detailed injury history for each player. AMS by Catapult also helps us to share data between staff as well as help us make decisions quickly, which is imperative in the elite sporting environment. The ability to keep all injury information – including vision, imaging reports and operations reports – in one place makes life so much easier.”

Designed for physiotherapists and doctors, medical reporting is a feature that allows medical departments to quickly surface historical information for an individual, group, or squad on demand. For example:

  • Total and/or average number of injuries per
    • Half, quarter, game, round or season
    • Position, group or team
    • Department
    • Week or month
  • Related injuries or illnesses
  • Number of treatments per injury or individual
  • Injuries by location, muscle group or severity
  • Injuries by 15 minute breakdown
Medical Reporting

The Titans use medical reporting to review round-by-round injury statistics and assess the effectiveness of planned training blocks in terms of injury risk reduction.

“The medical reporting feature has been great as it has enabled us to gain an insight into the breakdown of how our injuries have occurred and to what parts of the body," says Russell. "This allows us to have good discussions with both training and coaching staff to help to prevent injuries.”

Medical reporting provides a snapshot for sports medicine practitioners to review an athlete or group with one click, and provide a neatly formatted PDF to take offline.

Working closely with our existing clients, this new functionality is the first step in an upgrade to all reporting in AMS by Catapult.

On the roadmap ahead, Russell is confident, commenting, “The one thing I have been most impressed with are the lengths that Catapult’s AMS team go to further improve their system and listen to the feedback that we give them. This gives me great confidence that it will continue to be the go-to for athlete monitoring into the future. AMS by Catapult really is a one stop shop for athlete monitoring.”

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