How KAS Eupen has set the New Standard for Video Analysis across Belgium Football Teams

13th July 2022

Catapult have agreed a new two-year agreement with Jupiler Pro League club KAS Eupen, which will see Catapult creating a new standard for video analysis in the Belgium league. 

Catapults performance analysis solutions provide teams with a comprehensive suite of solutions for every workflow. From live capture and in-depth analysis to creating presentations and sharing insights, teams can truly understand every aspect of their performance.

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KAS Eupen, Mario Kohnen, Assistant Head Coach & Head of Youth and Performance Analysis, KAS Eupen commented on the announcement:

“As a small club with limited human resources in the Jupiler Pro League, we are looking for professional and innovative solutions to keep up with all our competitors. Pre-, live- and post-match analysis is a fundamental area to not only prepare the team well, but also to make each player individually better. MatchTracker will help us to develop our own KPIs in these work processes and thus bring the match analysis in the club another step forward, as well as provide valuable input in the newly developed own data analysis. With our limited human resources, we are pleased to be able to close the gap to the big players in match analysis in the Jupiler Pro League thanks to MatchTracker.”

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Catapult x KAS Eupen: The New Partnership 

MatchTracker, Focus, and Hub will be used for all aspects of performance analysis across the First Team at KAS Eupen. The KAS Eupen performance analysis team will be able to create bespoke dashboards and templates to visualise hundreds of new KPIs and generate automated alerts and tagging, gaining deeper insight into specific aspects of play.

The advanced tactical insights MatchTracker delivers, with its unique built-in football intelligence, game-state models, and live data and video integration, allows KAS Eupen to compete with top teams in the league. 

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Will Lopes, CEO of Catapult added: “We are excited to be working with KAS Eupen to provide a new suite of performance analysis solutions that are the most innovative and sophisticated on the market. The demand for our cutting-edge tools stretches across all levels of sport, and we look forward to this being a long-term agreement that will serve as a strong proof point for Catapult’s capabilities in the Jupiler Pro League.”

Now KAS Eupen staff can streamline every performance analysis workflow across their entire team. As part of the video suite, Focus powers live and post-game workflows with seamless multi-angle capture, automated data creation, and presentation creation. 

MatchTracker gives analysts a new level of performance insights by connecting every dataset to video. This means teams can analyze performance across multiple games or the entire season using powerful visualizations and filter tools. With every aspect of performance captured and analyzed, KAS Eupen can now share these insights across the team using Hub, Catapult’s cloud-based sharing tool. Coaches and athletes can now stream video and view presentations from any location in real-time, including during games or between periods.

Team’s using both Catapult wearables and video can obtain contextualized based insights. Learn how:

Champions Powered by Pro Video

Recently, Eintracht Frankfurt Football Club became the first German team to win the UEFA Cup/Europa League since the 1996-97 season. This historic season is the first season in which Eintracht Frankfurt have been using both Performance Data and Video solutions from Catapult. With access to athlete performance data, event data and video, the club were able to uncover new analytical insights. 

On matchdays, Eintracht Frankfurt’s analysts rely on MatchTracker’s live bespoke metrics and automated tagging to analyse patterns of play and monitor key performance indicators. As a result, the analysis team is able to objectively assist the coaching staff in making the appropriate tactical decisions to positively influence match results.

“It’s important to have a powerful tool that can filter the scenes and the data for our work so we can filter very quickly the scenes we need for training or the game,” said Marco Schuster, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Head of Performance Analysis 

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