Using Performance Technology to Answer Key Coaching Questions: Athlete Development

The third part of our e-book on key coaching questions looks at the benefits monitoring systems can have around the performance development of your athletes.

As a coach, the demands on your time can be huge, meaning that you don’t always have time to get into the granular details of performance. Ultimately, you just want answers to your most important questions.

Our latest ebook, Using Performance Technology to Answer Key Coaching Questions, looks in detail at fundamental coaching questions in four different areas (Success, Performance, Development and Communication) to show how athlete monitoring systems can help you inform decision making across each of those subjects.

One of the key questions identified in the ebook revolves around athlete development. Historically, the process of developing talent and helping athletes to reach their potential has been viewed as more art than science. However, monitoring technologies are now providing a more objective means to measure athlete response and adaptation over time.

Whichever particular monitoring techniques are best for your organisation, the most important thing is simply to record relevant measurements on a regular basis. By doing this, you can assess key trends in the data over time and purposefully reflect on both the effectiveness of your training plans and the longitudinal response of your athletes to those plans.

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