Using Performance Technology to Answer Key Coaching Questions: Communication


The final part of our e-book on key coaching questions looks at the benefits monitoring systems can have for coach-athlete communication.

As a coach, the demands on your time can be huge, meaning that you don’t always have time to get into the granular details of performance. Ultimately, you just want answers to your most important questions.

Our latest e-book, Using Performance Technology to Answer Key Coaching Questions, looks in detail at fundamental coaching questions in four different areas (Success, Performance, Development and Communication) to show how athlete monitoring systems can help you inform decision making across each of those subjects.

One of the key subjects identified in the e-book is the importance of communication. Without strong communication skills, it can be extremely difficult to convey strategies, expectations and instructions to ensure that your athletes are responding in the desired manner.

The objective information offered by analytical technologies can be a valuable means of informing and rationalising your strategy to your athletes. If you are able to justify selection and performance decisions with supporting data, then you will be able to communicate in a way that helps to removes negative emotion and grounds you choices in objectivity.

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