Louisville Athletics partners with Catapult

University of Louisville Athletics has announced a partnership with Catapult in its ongoing effort to look after the wellbeing of its student-athletes while providing them with the latest in technology optimized to reach peak performance.

Louisville is implementing the company’s Athlete Management System (AMS) for its 23 teams, which is designed to maximize performance while minimizing risk by consolidating key performance, health and wellness data in one place.

“We are excited about our partnership with Catapult,” Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Health and Performance Pat Ivey said. “The University of Louisville has made a strong commitment to the health, safety, and performance of all of our student athletes. Along with Catapult, the Health and Performance Department is committed to the our Core Values of providing the best Care through Communication and Collaboration possible.”

The Catapult AMS platform provides data with insights into training and performance in addition to resources designed to help reduce injury risk, collect and manage medical data and assist with injury management and the recovery process.

Catapult technology has been used in 39 sports in 135 countries worldwide, however Louisville is one of the first Division I institutions to implement the management system across all its sports.

“The University of Louisville has a clear vision to provide the highest level of care to their student athletes and help them develop to their full potential,” said Matt Bairos, CEO Catapult Elite, Americas. “As one of the most progressive athletic departments in the NCAA we are delighted that they have put their trust in our Athlete Management System and we are looking forward to seeing the positive results of this exciting new partnership.”

Catapult AMS is also designed to enhance communication across the Louisville athletics department, centralizing and sharing the data seamlessly and efficiently for use in the Sports Medicine, Mental Health and Mental Performance, Sports Science, Sports Nutrition, and Sports Performance areas.

“We are really excited about Catapult’s Athlete Management System and its ability to help us become a more comprehensive and integrated Health and Performance Department.”

Additionally, Louisville will use Catapult’s GPS-based wearable technology engineered to quantify student-athlete performance across training and games. The data collected is put through a comprehensive analytics software platform that helps inform performance decisions.

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