Magnitude-Based Inference: Is it all for nought? (Shaun McLaren, England Rugby League and Leeds Beckett University)

The Catapult plenary session at the 2019 ECSS Congress in Prague featured a presentation on Magnitude-Based Inference (MBI) by Shaun McLaren, sports scientist at England Rugby League and research assistant at Leeds Beckett University.

In his presentation, Shaun explores the debate around MBI, assesses its usefulness in sports science, and provides examples of how it can be used to inform decision making in practice.

The main points from Shaun’s presentation were:

– Introduction (00:15)

– Athlete monitoring and informing the decision making process in sports (02:36)

– Timeline of MBI (16:18)

– Summary of the academic debate around MBI (19:23)

– Examples of MBI in practice (27:17)

– Conclusions (38:04)

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