Mitigating Injury Risk During Periods of Fixture Congestion: Keeping Fringe Players in Condition

Fringe Players

Our latest ebook, Mitigating Injury Risk During Periods of Fixture Congestion, looks at strategic ways in which performance staff can help their athletes better cope with the demands of fixture congestion.

Examining methods by which training schedules can be periodised, as well as discussing the importance of squad preparation and wellness factors such as diet and sleep, each chapter is focused on how performance can be optimised during the most demanding periods of the season.

As fixtures mount up during the busiest periods of the season, squad rotation and the physical condition of fringe players becomes more important than ever. Coaches may naturally focus their energies on the players that are in the starting lineup each week, but keeping the athletes on the edges of the team fully prepared and engaged is crucial during times of fixture congestion.

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