Monitoring athletes remotely with Catapult Vector

Our latest update to Vector on iPhone makes it easy for athletes training remotely to share data with coaches during this challenging time.

From the mobile app, athletes can track their sessions in real time, download their Vector device data, and share it with coaches.

All each athlete needs is a Vector device, charging cradle, and an iPhone.

To get started:

  1. Contact your Catapult account manager to order Catapult Vector charging cradles
  2. Install the latest Catapult Vector device firmware using OpenField Console to ensure all features are available
  3. Get your athletes to download the free Vector app, available on the App Store.


From there, the athlete wears a Vector device during training, downloads their data directly to the app, and the coach views the data in OpenField.

If you wish to remotely monitor your athletes using Vector, please contact us directly.