The Need for Speed: Tom Joel, Leicester City FC

Catapult’s recent football performance workshop at Villa Park featured a presentation on the importance of peak speed exposures by Tom Joel, First Team Sports Scientist at Leicester City.

Examining the purpose, applications and challenges of peak speed exposures, Tom provided a fascinating insight into the work that has been done at Leicester to implement and refine effective practices in this important area.

Some of the key topics Tom spoke about included:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Why all the fuss about peak speed? (05:15)
  • Leicester’s approach to peak speed exposures (07:04)
  • How has Leicester’s approach changed over time? (17:42)
  • What challenges have Leicester faced around peak speed? (36:03)
  • What’s next? (43:08)

Hosted regularly to cater for different sports and locations, Catapult’s workshops are an informal opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking among sports science practitioners.

We’d like to thank Tom and all of the speakers at the Villa Park workshop for taking the time to share their work and contribute to a successful event.

More presentations from our workshops can be found on the Catapult YouTube channel.

Image: Getty