New OF+ Live features improve functionality for high performance practitioners

9th January 2018

Since launching in 2017, the OF+ Live iPad app has helped elite performance practitioners better engage with coaches and athletes by using real-time data on the move.

With the release of OF+ Live 1.1, Catapult has introduced new features to streamline workflows and make on-the-go analysis more customisable.

Parameter Selector

The new OF+ Live parameter selector has been redesigned from a single list to a panel where metrics are organised into specific categories. This includes a favourites list, where you can store your most frequently used parameters for easy access. There is also a custom parameters category with a range of key metrics that can be tailored to your experience.


Heart Rate Dashboard

We’ve introduced a new dashboard into the latest version of OF+ Live to visualise heart rate data, showing a range of metrics with threshold-based alerting. This enables you to visualise and be alerted to the relative performance intensity of your athletes.

The multi-threshold functionality allows you to present your athlete’s percentage of maximum heart rate data against specific and customisable intensity markers. Thresholds are now colour coded ‘amber’ and ‘red’, with threshold two utilising the alert functionality represented in the data tile headers and %HR max visualisation icons.


Table Rankings and Averages

You can now highlight the top and bottom performing athletes relative to each parameter within the table dashboard, allowing you to quickly assess which athletes might need attention.

You can also view an ‘average line’ which displays the average for each parameter within the table, automatically filtering which athletes are above or below average at any given time.


Data Preview

OF+ Live now lets you monitor a rolling window of your players’ data. Just touch the preview icon at the top of the interface next to the period controls and you will see a rolling review of data for the customisable duration displayed in tables and tiles, allowing you to extract and review insights in real-time.

Within this feature, the pause function is particularly useful for reviewing a sequence. For example, if you have the data rolling on two minutes and a goal is scored, you might want to know a player’s work rate during a specific period leading up to that event. Hit the pause button, take a look, and bring further context to your analysis.

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