PLAYERTEK TEAM: Metrics That Matter

22nd November 2017

PLAYERTEK TEAM is being used by teams at all levels across a range of sports to inform coaching and improve performance.

Bringing elite performance measurements to your fingertips, PLAYERTEK TEAM delivers 10 key metrics that can help you to understand the volume and intensity of the work your players are doing out on the field.

PLAYERTEK TEAM’s volume metrics help you to build a more complete picture of the amount of work your players are getting through. From the analysis of explosive movements through PowerPlays, to quantifying the number of impacts a player is involved in, PLAYERTEK TEAM provides a detailed insight into performance across numerous field-based sports.

Helping you to understand the work rate of your players, intensity metrics indicate the speed and frequency with which athletes get through their work on the field. Enabling you to build individual training schedules, manage injury rehabilitation and monitor player development, metrics such as Power Score and Work Load provide an insight into your team’s fitness and performance levels.

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