Vector Live 1.4: Update brings powerful visualisations, data sharing, and live data management to iPad experience

Catapult has delivered a key update to the Vector Live iPad experience to significantly improve the way users can manage training groups and visualise data.

Viewing large amounts of information on a small screen can be a major challenge for coaches. In sport, overlooking key insights due to the cramped presentation of data can negatively affect key performance decisions.

By presenting data clearly and intuitively, Vector Live makes it easier to assess performance and identify trends on the go.

Athlete Group Management

As part of this latest update, new athlete group management functionality allows users to separate the signal from the noise, focusing attention on specific training groups based on status, position, or rehab.

This feature helps you to tailor your analysis to the specific requirements of each session, streamlining the data you receive to give your full attention to athletes who require specific monitoring.

Data Visualisation

The addition of charts to Vector Live significantly improves users’ ability to visualise data and highlight important trends in real time.

By illustrating data in this way, users can better analyse team or training groups against averages across multiple metrics, share live data, or snapshot to use during post-session analysis.

The Vector Live app is available to download from the App Store.

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