PRO Case Study: Aligning Performance Monitoring Through a Single Product Stack

The Professional Referee Organization (PRO) oversees the identification, training, assessment, assignment and employment of professional soccer officials in the United States.

We recently spoke to Matt Hawkey, PRO’s Director of Performance and Analysis, about overcoming travel and remote monitoring, performance structure, daily data collection, and aligning performance monitoring through a single product stack.

The Biggest Impact on Performance Monitoring

“Catapult has really been our most valuable tool. It’s told us a lot about training patterns, and we’re able to gain a tremendous amount of insight from that. We’ve also reached a point where the subjective answers we get from questionnaires are becoming more and more important. I think early on we had a group that were giving us answers to what they thought we wanted to hear, but now it’s a little clearer that we want to know what’s actually going on.

“We capture heart rate, Catapult data, HRV stress test, a morning wellness questionnaire, and then some of the ones that are kind of interesting are related to our travel data. Travel is a really important one for us to monitor everything from going across time zones, to sleep patterns, to results from questionnaires.”


Aligning All Performance Products in a Single Platform

“Ultimately your grand goal is to have all of your technology under one umbrella and all your information available so you can make decisions fast. We have to look at our performance data, our video output, and our subjective questionnaires every day, so having them all in one place is a bit of a no-brainer.”

The Future of Performance Technology

“The short-term goal is to visualise data in more sophisticated ways; being able to look at statistical modelling within the system alongside machine learning and AI, even some of the virtual reality stuff coming down the road. Being able to do more detailed statistical analysis at your fingertips and being able to achieve that in the system is the next piece.”

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