How Basketball Analysis has been Redefined with Focus, GameTracker, and Hub, saving coaches time

14th July 2022

How Basketball Analysis has been Redefined:

  • Following GameTracker for the NBA, all basketball teams can now access performance data with video.

  • Basketball teams will be able to automate complex tasks that previously required manual post-game analysis, saving them critical time.

  • Basketball becomes the fourth sport to benefit from Catapult’s innovation, following Formula 1, Soccer, and Rugby.


Today, Catapult redefines performance analysis workflows for all basketball teams with a full complement of brand new features, integrations, and insights. 

A few weeks ago, Catapult released GameTracker for the NBA, and now integrated wearables data with video suite is available to NCAA and international teams. 

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Catapult’s solutions create efficiencies for sports teams by automating complex tasks that previously required hours of manual post-game analysis. Its single integrated platform allows for faster collaboration across coaching staff and easier decision-making so teams can focus on winning.

Catapult technology powers numerous NBA, NCAA, and other world-leading basketball teams including this season’s NBA finalists the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics.

Basketball Redefined Analysis

Now, basketball teams will be able to capture, tag, and present multi-angle video and data live during games or practice using Focus. GameTracker connects and contextualizes every dataset, including athlete physical data, so staff can uncover insights never seen before and develop new game strategies faster than ever. With Hub’s cloud-based playlists and presentations, these insights can be shared across department silos from any location and in real-time, including during games or between periods.

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Following Catapult’s acquisition of SBG Sports Software, which is responsible for solutions powering some of the most successful Formula One teams, Catapult has begun to revolutionize the way other sports capture, analyze, and share information across their organizations. 

As the industry’s leading athlete monitoring solution, Catapult’s Vector data can be integrated into video analysis for basketball, allowing teams to unlock new athlete insights in real-time and save staff critical hours of analysis. The integration of video analysis and athlete monitoring first came to soccer and rugby earlier this year. 

“I’m thrilled with how quickly the Catapult team was able to bring this solution to the sport of basketball,” said Will Lopes, CEO of Catapult. 

“Just four months ago, we brought the integration of performance data and video analysis to soccer and rugby, and the reaction from teams has been overwhelming. With two of our customers recently in the NBA Finals, we’re excited to bring this momentum into the basketball off-season with a new solution to offer professional and collegiate teams around the world.”

The new capabilities of the video suite allow basketball teams to:

  • Automate complex tasks: Basketball Analysts’ live workflows are streamlined to capture multi-angle video and automate the creation of data using customized templates with a variety of views. 
  • Get faster insights: Teams can live stream video during games from any location or device so key insights can inform in-game decisions and adjustments between periods rather than waiting for post-game analysis.  
  • Connect data to film: Every athlete performance metric is now connected to video using Catapult Vector’s athlete monitoring, saving staff the manual task of pairing data sets with game or practice film by hand. 
  • Collaborate on one platform: Basketball teams can now work within a single platform for faster sharing and easier collaboration from a single point of truth.
  • Work from anywhere: No matter where a team is playing or practicing, insights can be accessed on any operating system and mobile device, giving teams the flexibility to work on the road without interruptions.


“The platform has proven to be incredibly user-friendly and functional to meet the standards we have set as a leader in digital technology in the NBL,” said Greg Vanderjagt, Assistant Coach, Brisbane Bullets. “We will be able to provide our athletes with the highest quality feedback both in real-time live in-game and post-practice and games with Focus this season.”

Catapult’s newest innovation is available now and will be showcased to teams at this week’s NBA Tech Expo, an invite-only event for leading sports technology providers. The company has been developing basketball solutions for some of the most iconic teams for the last 20 years, including this year’s NBA Champions the Golden State Warriors and NCAA powerhouses such as Duke University and the University of Kentucky.

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