The Integration of Sports Science and Coaching in Goalkeeping: Anthony White, AFC Bournemouth

Catapult’s summer workshop at St George’s Park included a presentation by Anthony White, Assistant Goalkeeping Coach and Goalkeeping Specific Sports Scientist at AFC Bournemouth.

Providing an insight into goalkeeper training and analysis in elite football, Anthony’s presentation looked at the integration of data and coaching from the perspective of someone who is uniquely placed to offer an insight into the science of goalkeeping.

Some of the topics Anthony spoke about included:

  • Anthony’s professional background (00:55)
  • An introduction to the goalkeeping department at Bournemouth (02:25)
  • How Bournemouth are individualising goalkeeper training (03:30)
  • How coaches can best prepare goalkeepers for the physical demands of games and training (05:50)
  • How data is supporting and informing the goalkeeper coaching process at Bournemouth (13:45)
  • Q&A (23:52)

Find out more about G5, Catapult’s goalkeeper-specific monitoring technology, here. You can find additional practitioner presentations from our events on the Catapult YouTube channel.