Statistical Process Control: John Fitzpatrick, Northumbria University and Newcastle United

The Catapult plenary session at the 2019 ECSS Congress in Prague featured a presentation on Statistical Process Control (SPC) by John Fitzpatrick, postgraduate researcher at Northumbria University and sports scientist at Newcastle United F.C.

Detailing the ways SPC can be used in the load monitoring process, John detailed both the theory and application of SPC in relation to sports science.

The key topics of John’s presentation were:

– An overview of SPC (01:34)

– Control charts and rules (03:58)

– An alternative approach to determining control limits (05:55)

– Using SPC for training load monitoring (07:44)

– Practical examples for control chart rules (11:17)

– Using SPC to assist the decision making process (14:35)

– Longitudinal analysis (15:20)

– Future research and development (17:03)

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