Catapult VISION: Bridging the gap between coaching and sports science


In soccer, coaching and sports science are very distinct in their approaches to athlete development. Sports science seeks to quantify athlete responses to the demands of training and games, while coaching is generally more subjective and intuitive in its outlook.

Given the differences between the two disciplines, the majority of elite organizations create separate departments for each. However, not every team has the resources required to create such a structure. In many cases, coaches are responsible for everything from training sessions and tactical planning to conditioning and performance monitoring.

As a business, Catapult is dedicated to making sure that soccer teams at all levels can access high-quality performance tools. VISION, our new video platform, is designed to help bridge the gap between coaching and sports science by simplifying video analysis workflows.

In the absence of dedicated analysts, it can be difficult for coaches to establish the appropriate context for data and fully understand its relevance. The main benefit of video analysis platforms like VISION is that they provide that context visually to help cultivate a better understanding of performance without the need for a vast sports science or analysis department.

For example, you may see that a particular athlete recorded a significant number of high speed runs. However, without knowing why a player made those runs – or if they were right to commit to so many high intensity efforts – the data is virtually meaningless. By aligning wearable data with video, coaches can avoid this situation by fully appreciating the context behind the numbers and communicate more effectively with athletes.

By understanding what the data ‘looks’ like, coaches can start to plan training drills that more accurately replicate the demands placed on athletes during competition. Not only does this help prepare athletes appropriately, it can also serve to lower the risk of injury by ensuring their bodies are conditioned to cope with specific types of movements and intensities.

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