Vision: Multi-Angle Live Capture – See More Of The Game

20th April 2021

Catapult aspires to provide the most comprehensive set of solutions to help athletes and teams improve performance. Our video specialists work with world-leading coaches so to identify video analysis-based challenges, the problems not yet solved by technology, and opportunities unexplored.

Over the last three years, coaches have told us they want to be able to analyse performances from different angles. After listening to this feedback, our specialists have developed a solution within our leading video analysis solution, Vision.

Multi-Angle Live Capture

New to Vision, multi-angle live capture enables coaches to see play from more than one video angle live. So coaches can analyse performances and deliver insights to athletes with multiple video perspectives.

The feature lets users capture footage from different video angles and toggle between them while tagging and reviewing clips. Now, multi-angle live capture opens up a new understanding of what is happening on the pitch and why.

Multi-angle post capture review: Soccer

Vision: Multi-Angle Live Capture - Soccer

The solution lets users easily select which angle best represents their coaching point when building presentations. The most impressive part of multi-angle live capture, is that it works intuitively with other features found with Vision to uniquely allow coaches to impact performance in real-time.

Compatible with the review app

Multi-angle live capture also works on the tablet-based review app, allowing users to switch viewing angles live to see key in-game events from differing angles.

This compatibility means users can edit tags and templates in real-time and build presentations with constant visibility back to your live capture. 

Use Case

Multi-angle live capture has been used by coaches to create analytical presentations that are ready for half-time and while athletes are benched. As a result, coaches can provide objective feedback to their athletes when needed most. 

Furthermore, these coaches have been able to synchronise footage that comes from fragmented sources. Such as from drones, adding to the number of angles — side-on, behind-the-goal, birds-eye-view and many more — from which performance analysis can be completed and insights communicated to athletes

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