Webinar: Bridging the gap between coaching and sports science with Catapult Vision


On Wednesday 6th March we're hosting a webinar to show how Catapult Vision can help to bridge the gap between coaching and sports science.


It’s no exaggeration to say that the power of performance data is often determined by the effectiveness with which it is communicated. Without clarity, alignment and purpose, data-driven insights are unlikely to be applied in ways that positively impact team and athlete performance.

If teams are to establish effective lines of communication around their data, then the relationship between the analyst and the end user is of critical importance. In many instances, the two sides of this relationship are represented by the sports scientist and the coach.

Coaches and sports scientists are focused on achieving the same end goal (positive results in the context of organisational expectations), but often speak subtly different languages. Where sports scientists are analysing vast quantities of data with a medium to long-term view, coaches are typically focused on getting quick solutions to immediate performance problems.

If sports scientists are to evidence their work and convince coaches of its merit, then it’s crucial to find a common language. In many cases that language is video.

Demystifying data by visualising its key messages, video analysis platforms such as Catapult Vision unlock the power of performance data for all audiences. For example, video give sports scientists a way to challenge misconceptions or subjective statements without reverting to mountains of data. By going beyond raw data (a language most coaches are unfamiliar with) and using video (a regular feature of their workflow), it becomes far easier to communicate key messages in the visual context of games or training sessions.

Effective communication is of paramount importance within sporting organisations, but if that communication isn’t fast or impactful then it is virtually redundant. Bringing every element of the video analysis process into a single platform, Vision streamlines workflows and increases speed to insight. In the time-poor environment of professional sport, this ability to deliver relevant, actionable information can make a appreciably positive contribution to on-field performance.

By translating data into the language of performance in this way, Catapult Vision is helping to transform the collection, communication and application of performance insights across sports organisations.

Interested in discovering what Catapult Vision can do for your team? Click here to join our webinar on 6th March.