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Nashville Soccer Club’s rise from being founded in 2017 to Major League Soccer just four years later is nothing short of startling. Throughout its rapid rise to the peak of men’s competitive soccer in the USA, Nashville has relied on a performance philosophy that embraces technology to drive strategic data-based decision-making. 

Spearheading this philosophy is the club’s Senior Director of Strategy and Analytics, Oliver Miller-Farrell. Ahead of the 2022 MLS season, the club has been testing Catapult’s latest solution – Integrated performance data and video analysis – which has been coined the future of professional team analytics.

“The integration of a performance dataset within our video software will give us a new lens of analysis for both games and training sessions, as well as offer us ways to improve the efficiency of our existing workflows across both performance and video departments. It’s an exciting combination of two important information sources that mutually provide context to one another,” said Miller-Farrell.

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Contextualized performance insights

The new integrated performance data and video analysis solution provides teams with contextualized performance insights, by layering athlete data onto video footage within a single platform.

Previously, Nashville SC and teams across the world have used two disparate sources of information to assess the performance of players. Now, the team can now leverage data and video together.

“As already existing customers to both Catapult and SBG (software for video analysis), we were excited to see them come together in this way. The integration of the two solutions allows us to better leverage our Catapult dataset for the purposes of video automation and analysis … and allows us to use video to add more context to the sports science practices we lean on Catapult data for,” said Miller-Farrell.

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More about SBG:

SBG Sports Software and Catapult shared a common vision for the future of sports technology and the significant impact data will have in helping customers optimize performance. It was even clearer that combining our technologies, product solutions, and talent would have an immediate and long-lasting impact on our customers. Now a Catapult company, SBG creates sophisticated software which seamlessly processes and synchronises multiple sources of video, audio and data for live visualisation, precision prediction, and post-event review.

Insights from every training and game moment

Merging the two sources of information – performance data and team video – is Catapult’s attempt to further help coaches, analysts and other performance staff improve tactical decision-making, ability to identify training improvements, and develop team communication

Through using this integrated solution, various team personnel – coaches, analysts, and other team staff – can gather data and video on every player, from every game moment.

Miller-Farrell explained: “For training sessions, our video analyst will directly benefit from being able to use the tags from our Catapult dataset to better manage and automate … our performance department will be able to view the Catapult data in different ways with added context not just from video, but also phases of play and other tactical frameworks.”

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Saving users time

Previously, analysing team performances, either in training or games, was an arduous and time-consuming process. To solve this problem and to save staff time within their analysis workflow, the new integrated data and video solution harnesses connected data, AI-powered tools and sport-specific algorithms to automatically identify match states and connect physical metrics of involved players.

“Training sessions are the most frequent on-field activity we have, but there is currently a gap in how we can improve our workflows around analyzing the session itself – this integration will save us time, and frequently,” said Miller-Farrell.

“It’s an innovative way for us to save time in our daily work and give us more time to focus on analysis and subsequent decisions. We have mutually added important context to our video footage and wearable data outputs.”


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