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Based in London and Manchester, UCFB provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for students who aspire to work in the football industry.

As the programme lead for the football coaching and management courses at UCFB’s Wembley campus, Darren Smith is constantly looking for new ways to engage his students with coaching and performance analysis tools.

“The programmes I lead both contain performance analysis modules, so we’re always looking for new opportunities in that area,” says Smith. “When looking for a new video analysis tool, we found that a lot of video analysis products don’t offer everything in one platform like Vision does.”

Since bringing Vision into the classroom, Smith has benefitted from the product’s ability to provide multiple functions in a single platform. He also appreciates the way Vision makes data-driven insights easy to comprehend for people from a coaching rather than an analysis background.

“Vision has everything we need under one roof,” says Smith. “The students can do their analysis, annotation and presentations all in one platform. Like a lot of our students, I’m also from a coaching background, so I’ve found that Vision makes everything easier to understand if performance analysis isn’t your primary discipline.”

Supporting new initiatives across UCFB’s football coaching and management courses, Vision is being used by students across multi-disciplinary projects, as Smith explains.

“We recently tasked our students with a project we called Monday Night Football that got them using Vision to analyse some match footage. The aim of the project was to get students to produce a presentation on either defensive or attacking principles.

“Vision is perfect for that sort of project and is also really easy for the students to use. We offer technical support on the platform, but nobody has come to us for extra help and the final presentations were of an excellent standard.”