Union University Soccer

User Story

Located in Jackson, Tennessee, Union University is home to an NCAA Division II program competing in the Gulf South Conference. Union’s men’s soccer team uses Catapult Vision video analysis platform to evaluate performances across training and matches.

Responsible for the Bulldogs’ use of Vision is assistant coach, Andrew Scheck. He specifically uses Vision to analyze player and team performances with the intention of improving tactical decision-making and athlete feedback.

Simplifying Analysis

Andrew was first introduced to Catapult through our PlayerTek wearable technology. After he developed an understanding of the benefits the technology offers, he reached out to discuss the option of integrating Catapult Vision with his team.

“Knowing the quality of their products and commitment to excellence, we knew they would have the same high standard for video analysis software.”

The assistant coach considered other video analysis software before choosing Catapult Vision. Andrew explains that “the key factor in the decision to use Vision was the simplicity of developing useful presentations from match video.”

Improving Time Efficiency

The Bulldogs’ season is heavily congested with fixtures, training sessions and team analysis meetings. Vision, however, has allowed Andrew to streamline the team’s analysis process. 

“Time between competitive matches is very short in college soccer, so the ability to break down video quickly and effectively maximizes the effectiveness of our video with our team.”

Andrew emphasizes that the video analysis software has enabled him to spend more time focusing on player feedback. “The ability to add graphics to video clips, drag and drop clips into a presentation simplifies the process of developing useful presentations, allowing me to spend more time on the content of the presentation rather than making it,” explains Andrew.

Team Development

The Bulldogs believe that the concept of a team includes both players and coaches. Andrew, who champions this view, states that Vision has benefited both parties.

“Vision has enhanced our ability to use video for team development because it allows us [coaches] to focus on tactical themes within games and help our players understand what we are asking them to execute.”

From the viewpoint of the players, Vision has taken their understanding of soccer to the next level. “Our players have appreciated team video sessions through Vision. It has enhanced their learning from match video and been helpful with their individual development,“ says Andrew. 

In addition, Andrew and the other coaches involved with the men’s soccer team have developed as a result of using Vision. It has allowed coaching insights to become more accurate and delivered in the context of a match or training session.

“Vision improves our ability to teach our players. Rather than simply telling them what we need them to do in specific moments, we can show them what we are trying to teach quickly and easily.”

Recommendations For Others

Catapult Vision has been well received by the Bulldogs and, in particular, Andrew. He suggests that programs similar to that found at Union University should use Vision when looking to analyse their own team’s performances.

“Vision is a strong tool in the development of your players. Having a dedicated person would allow you to use it to its full potential, however, it can be tailored to suit whatever your needs are. We only have a staff of two people but are still able to use it effectively.”

Andrew continues to elaborate on his recommendations, saying that “the customer service has been excellent! Catapult has been extremely helpful throughout the process, teaching us how to use the software effectively, telling us about new updates, and troubleshooting the occasional issues we have – usually through user error!”