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  • Wearable Technology

    Wearable Technology

    If it can't me measured, it can't be managed. Optimise performance, reduce injury risk and support return-to-play with Catapult's wearable technology.
  • Athlete Management

    Athlete Management

    Data is the language of performance. Improve the collection, storage and communication of key information with Catapult's athlete management solutions.
  • Video Analysis

    Video Analysis

    One process, one platform. Catapult's video solution streamlines workflow and allows you to focus on presenting clear, powerful insights.

Why Catapult

Proven Technology

Our proven technologies combine precise positional tracking with inertial sensors to quantify athlete performance across training and games.

Cloud Based Analytics

Maximise over 1000 data points per second for each athlete through a comprehensive analytics software platform that is flexible, personal and powerful as you need it to be.

Sport-Specific Insights

We provide more than just technology and software. Our dedicated sports science team are there to collaborate with you and find answers to your sport-specific performance questions.

All data in one platform

From dashboards and alerts, to athlete profiles and performance trends, Catapult AMS stores all your athlete data in one platform and makes it easier to discover and communicate key insights.

Our Clients Include
  • National Basketball League
    National Basketball League
  • Rugby Football League
    Rugby Football League
  • Liga Nacional de Básquet
    Liga Nacional de Básquet
  • Australian Football League (AFL)
    Australian Football League (AFL)
  • Welsh Rugby Union (WRU)
    Welsh Rugby Union (WRU)
  • Sportverein Werder Bremen
    Sportverein Werder Bremen
  • Memphis Grizzlies
    Memphis Grizzlies
  • FC Bayern Munich
    FC Bayern Munich
  • Chelsea FC
    Chelsea FC
  • Wallabies
  • Denver Broncos
    Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Mavericks
    Dallas Mavericks

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