Catapult provides answers to your performance questions. Our data science team use machine learning to continually enhance the quality of the insights our technology delivers, enabling you to resolve complex, sport-specific challenges.


Our data scientists have created machine learning algorithms to transform ClearSky T6 and OptimEye S5 data into sport-specific insights.
  • Ice hockey

    Discover over 40 on-ice metrics that visualise the load placed on each side of the body while skating, and red flag groin overuse through biomechanical inefficiencies.
  • Rugby Union

    Our scrum analysis identifies every scrum, providing scrum count and scrum duration.
  • Cricket

    Our award-winning fast bowling algorithm quantifies run-up speed, rotation speed and the PlayerLoad placed on bowlers during each delivery.
  • Baseball

    Measure pitch count and intensity, swing count and intensity, and rotational load, to understand the biomechanical effects on the mound and in the batter’s box.
  • American football

    Your skill guys are covered, but what about your bigs? Quantify volume and intensity for centers, guards and tackles, and understand the stress placed on linemen through contact loads.

OptimEye G5

Football Goalkeeper Analytics

Goalkeeper training is often isolated and highly specific to position, with performance monitoring traditionally limited to heart rate. The OptimEye G5 is specifically designed for goalkeepers, so you can quantify and manage:
Dive Quantity
Understand the position-specific demands placed on goalkeepers during sessions.
Dive Direction
Prescribe a balanced and symmetrical load to your goalkeeper sessions.
Dive Intensity
Understand not only how many dives a goalkeeper makes, but how hard each dive is.
Include the explosive movement of jumping – whether defending a cross in-game or an intense training drill – in the overall load of sessions and games.
Accelerations and Decelerations
Improve the ability to execute short, sharp movements in all directions.
Repeated High Intensity Efforts
Measure the important ability to perform repeated explosive movements within a short duration.

What Teams Think

Lower-back stress fractures will always be a challenge for us. It is particularly important for the U-19s that we monitor them very closely and do our best to protect them from injury. Thanks to the Catapult data, we have a comprehensive picture now of combined workload and training and we are establishing that joined-up picture for the best England bowlers, whether they are on contract or on the international pathway.

Raph Brandon Head of Science, Medicine & Innovation England & Wales Cricket Board

We can spot any asymmetry between left and right leg… When we’re working with injured players, we know when we’ve achieved our goals and when to stop the workout.

Pierre Alliard Strength & Conditioning Coach Montreal Canadiens

These Teams Use Sport-Specific Algorithms

  • PSG Paris Saint Germain
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • AFC Bournemouth
  • Saracens
  • Montreal Canadiens

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